Public Webinar ‘Towards Open Access Orders in Eastern Europe’

Some of our research from the EU-STRAT project will be published in the journal East European Politics very soon! Most of the articles are already available online.

On this occasion, East European Politics is organizing an online public event- webinar – to present and discuss the themes of the special issue. Below is some additional information and the preliminary program.

Attendance is free, and you can register via this link. See you on March 12!


Webinar on the East European Politics Special Issue ‘Towards Open Access Social Orders in Eastern Europe’

About this Event

The upcoming Special Issue of East European Politics (to be published in March) investigates the interplay between domestic socio-political orders and changing external influences of the EU, Russia, Turkey and other external actors in Eastern Europe. In this online webinar, contributors to the special issue, together with guest editors Antoaneta Dimitrova (Leiden University), Tanja Börzel (Free University Berlin) and Dimiter Toshkov (Leiden University) reflect on their findings in the light of continuing turmoil in Eastern Europe. The discussion is followed by an open Q&A.


15:00-15:30 (GMT)

Introducing the key themes

Antoaneta Dimitrova: Analyzing the Eastern neighbourhood with the help of theory: what can we add to North, Wallis and Weingast’s framework for understanding open and limited social orders?

Dimiter Toshkov: Political dynamics in the region and our findings on the interactions of domestic and external actors: the paradox of external actors’ weakness

Tanja A. Börzel: The issue’s findings in the light of the shift in the EU’s approach to the neighbourhood from democratization to resilience

15:30-16:30 (GMT)

Understanding a turbulent region: Some key findings and current developments

Tatsiana Chulitskaya/Inna Ramasheuskaya/ Natallia Rabava: State capacity in Belarus: looking on our findings in the light of pro-democracy protests

Honorata Mazepus: Actors that link to Russia and the EU: contextualizing the findings

Julia Langbein: The effects of trade and the association agreement

Ole Frahm: The rising power of Turkey and the findings on the role of business entrepreneurs

Questions and discussion