Video Online Course

This clip is presented by Dr. Matthew Frear of the Institute of History at Leiden University and introduces a series of videos on the main findings of EU-STRAT’s research.

Please select a topic:

I Soft Power? How the EU communicates its policies in the Eastern neighbourhood

(Professor Antoaneta Dimitrova)
IIRegional links of Eastern partnership countries with Russia and the EU

(Dr. Laure Delcour)
IIIState capacity and regime stability in Belarus and Ukraine

(Dr. Honorata Mazepus)
IVExternal Players in the Eastern Partnership: United States, Russia and China

(Dr. Margarita Šešelgytė)
VEngaging with the Eastern Neighbours: Enlargement, Association or Deliverables?

(Dr. Matthew Frear)
VIHow does trade liberalization with the EU affect political & economic opening in Ukraine?

(Elyssa Shea)
VIIThe Challenges of Implementing Association Agreements

(Professor Rilka Dragneva)
VIIIMaking Science Policy in the Eastern Partnership: Can the EU help?

(Natallia Rabava)
IXHow does Turkey impact stability and change in its post-Soviet neighbourhood?

(Dr. Ole Frahm & Dr. Katharina Hoffmann)