EU-STRAT produces several different kinds of publications. Choose from the following:



  • EU-STRAT Report No.1  – Opening Conference Report
    Authors: Esther Ademmer and Julia Langbein
    | August 2016
  • EU-STRAT Report No.2 – Report on policy briefings in the EaP countries
    Authors: Ildar Gazizullin, Igor Munteanu, Ina Ramasheuskaya
    | February 2017
  • EU-STRAT Report No. 4 – Experiments assessing the effectiveness of the EU’s communications
    Author: Antoaneta Dimitrova, Honorata Mazepus, Dimiter Toshkov, with Tatsiana Chulitskaya, Veaceslav Berbeca, Maxim Boroda, Oleg Grytsenko, Ion Tabarta, and Ina Ramasheuskaya
    March 2018
  • EU-STRAT Report No. 5  – Report on complementary and alternative modes of engagement with the Eastern Partnership countries
    Author: Matthew Frear, Klaudijus Maniokas, Laurynas Jonavičius and Ion Tabarta
    July 2018
  • EU-STRAT Report No. 6 Final Conference Report
    Author: Matthew Frear and Nina Onopriychuk
    | May 2019

Research Database

  • This database of research resources contains publicly available information on the political and economic developments of the Eastern Partnership countries as well as policies of the external actors towards the region. The database provides references to major documents, strategies and policies dealing with the Eastern neighbours. It covers policies of all major actors, analysed in the EU-STRAT project, as well as links to useful sources of information about each of the Eastern Partners. To facilitate access to the compiled documents, EU-STRAT sources are integrated here.

Working papers

  • Working Paper No.5/ Рабочий доклад  № 9 (2018)
    (Availible in ENGLISH & RUSSIAN)  / (Доступен на АНГЛИЙСКОМ и РУССКОМ)

EN: The Effects of the EU’s Scientific Cooperation Programmes on the Eastern Partnership Countries: Scientific Output and Broader Societal Impact

RU: Влияние программ научного сотрудничества ЕС на страны Восточного партнерства: научный результат и влияние на общество

Authors: Honorata Mazepus, Dimiter Toshkov, Tatsiana Chulitskaya, and Ina Ramasheuskaya

Авторы: Гонората Мазепус, Димитер Тошков, Татьяна Чулицкая и Инна Ромашевская
| August 2017 | Август 2017

  • Working Paper No.9 – / Рабочий доклад  № 9 (2018)(Availible in ENGLISH & RUSSIAN)  / (Доступен на АНГЛИЙСКОМ и РУССКОМ)

EN: What Kinds of Messages Can Influence Citizen Support for Closer Cooperation with the European Union? Evidence from the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood.

RU: Какого рода послания могут усилить поддержку гражданами более тесного сотрудничества с Европейским Союзом?

Dimiter Toshkov, Honorata Mazepus, and Antoaneta Dimitrova

Димитер Тошков, Гонората Мазепус и Антоанета Димитрова

| April 2018 | Апрель 2018

  • Working Paper No.10 / Рабочий доклад  № 10
    (Availible in ENGLISH & RUSSIAN)  / (Доступен на АНГЛИЙСКОМ и РУССКОМ)

EN: Interdependencies of Eastern Partnership Countries with the EU and Russia: Three Case Studies.

RU: Взаимозависимости стран «Восточного партнерства» с ЕС и Россией: анализ трех стран

Authors: Kamil Całus, Laure Delcour, Ildar Gazizullin, Tadeusz Iwański, Marta Jaroszewicz, and Kamil Klysiński

Камиль Цалус, Лор Делькур, Ильдар Газизуллин, Тадеуш Иваньски, Марта Ярошевич, Камиль Клысиньски

| April 2018 | Апрель 2018

Policy briefs

  • EU-STRAT Policy Brief No.1 – The EU’s communication with Eastern Partnership countries
    EU-STRAT Policy Task Force
    | April 2017
  • EU-STRAT Policy Brief No.2The EU and other external actors in the Eastern neighbourhood: Maximizing the transformative impact
    | September 2018
  • EU-STRAT Policy Brief No.3 –  Getting the message across: How can the EU bolster its soft power in the Eastern Neighbourhood?
    | October 2018

Policy comment

  • Policy comment No.1 – After the Dutch ‘No’: Prospects for the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement
    Author: Rafał Sadowski
    | July 2016
  • Policy comment No.2 – Pro-Russian turn or preservation of “oligarchic” status quo? Moldova after the presidential elections
    Author: Kamil Całus
    | January 2017
  • Policy comment No.3 – Making Association with the EU a Modernizing Tool: towards a more focused, developmental and innovative approach
    Authors: Klaudijus Maniokas, Kataryna Wolczuk, Laure Delcour, Rilka Dragneva, Darius Žeruolis
    August 2017
  • Policy comment No. 4 – One country – two economic systems? The ‘partial reforms’ experiment in Belarus
    Authors: Kamil Kłysiński 
    | March 2018
  • Policy comment No. 5 – Armenia’s ‘Velvet Revolution’: Whither Change?
    AuthorsLaure Delcour & Katharina Hoffmann
    | October 2018