EU-STRAT produces several different kinds of publications. Choose from the following:







  • EU-STRAT Report No.1  – Opening Conference Report
    Authors: Esther Ademmer and Julia Langbein
    | August 2016


  • EU-STRAT Report No.2 – Report on policy briefings in the EaP countries
    Authors: Ildar Gazizullin, Igor Munteanu, Ina Ramasheuskaya
    | February 2017



Working papers

  • Working Paper No.1 – Soft, Normative or Transformative Power: What Do the EU’s Communications with Eastern Partners Reveal About its Influence?
    Authors: Antoaneta Dimitrova, Maxim Boroda, Tatsiana Chulitskaya, Veaceslav Berbeca and Tatiana Parvan
    | October 2016


  • Working Paper No.2 – Science Policies and International Cooperation in the Eastern Neighbourhood of the European Union: An Overview
    Authors: Tatsiana Chulitskaya, Honorata Mazepus, Ina Ramasheuskaya and Dimiter Toshkov
    | January 2017


  • Working Paper No.3 – A New Turn or More of the Same? A Structured Analysis of Recent Developments in Russian Foreign Policy Discourse
    Authors: Matthew Frear and Honorata Mazepus
    | May 2017


  • Working Paper No.4 – The Elements of Russia’s Soft Power: Channels, Tools, and Actors Promoting Russian Influence in the Eastern Partnership Countries
    Authors: Antoaneta Dimitrova, Matthew Frear, Honorata Mazepus, Dimiter Toshkov, Maxim Boroda, Tatsiana Chulitskaya, Oleg Grytsenko, Igor Munteanu, Tatiana Parvan, Ina Ramasheuskaya
    | August 2017


  • Working Paper No.5 – The Effects of the EU’s Scientific Cooperation Programmes on the Eastern Partnership Countries: Scientific Output and Broader Societal Impact
    Authors: Honorata Mazepus, Dimiter Toshkov, Tatsiana Chulitskaya, and Ina Ramasheuskaya
    | August 2017


  • Working Paper No.6 – The Association Agreements as a Dynamic Framework: Between Modernization and Integration
    Authors: Kataryna Wolczuk, Laure Delcour, Rilka Dragneva, Klaudijus Maniokas, Darius Žeruolis
    September 2017



Policy briefs

  • EU-STRAT Policy Brief No.1 – The EU’s communication with Eastern Partnership countries
    EU-STRAT Policy Task Force
    | April 2017


Policy comment

  • Policy comment No.1 – After the Dutch ‘No’: Prospects for the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement
    Author: Rafał Sadowski
    | July 2016


  • Policy comment No.2 – Pro-Russian turn or preservation of “oligarchic” status quo? Moldova after the presidential elections
    Author: Kamil Całus
    | January 2017


  • Policy comment No.3 – Making Association with the EU a Modernizing Tool: towards a more focused, developmental and innovative approach
    Authors: Klaudijus Maniokas, Kataryna Wolczuk, Laure Delcour, Rilka Dragneva, Darius Žeruolis
    August 2017