Dialogue with H2020 Project FEUTURE

On 19 October 2017 EU-STRAT researchers from the University of St. Gallen have attended the mid-term conference of the H2020 project FEUTURE (www.feuture.eu) to start dialogue on Turkey-related research. FEUTURE , a collaborative project on Turkey-EU relations, and EU-STRAT pursue complementary research in the field of Turkey-EU relations in the shared neighbourhood, including the South Caucasus, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.

On the panel “What kind of f(e)uture scenarios?” Katharina Hoffmann presented first EU-STRAT results on how Turkey´s role in the shared neighbourhood should inform EU-Turkey collaboration in foreign policy matters.

The panel was moderated by Piotr Zalewski (The Economist).

Nathalie Tocci (Scientific Coordinator, IAI), Javier Nino Peres (EEAS), Nilgün Arisan Eralp (TEPAV) and Katharina Hoffmann (University of St. Gallen) discussed different options of how to frame EU-Turkey relations in the future.