IDIS „Viitorul” hosts policy briefing in Chișinău on sectoral interdependencies


On 28 May in Chișinău, IDIS ‘Viitorul’ hosted its second EU-STRAT policy briefing. The briefing revealed the findings of EU-STRAT’s research on trade, security, energy, and migration interdependencies of the Eastern Partnership countries with the EU and Russia. During the first panel, the participants discussed vulnerabilities of the EaP countries in the energy and trade sectors. The main shortcomings of the Republic of Moldova noted by the roundtable experts were: the absence of alternative interconnections, the need for an independent regulatory institution, maladministration, and need for settlement of the gas debt issue and cartel arrangements.

For more information on the briefing, stay tuned for our next newsletter in early July!

You can also watch the whole event on Youtube below: